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News agency Jam Press celebrates Leap Year Day with staff day off!

Jam Press staff having a bob about during the Jam Fest 2023 ©Photo supplied Jam Press.

We loved this initiative by UK news and photo content agency, Jam Press. PAN reader, Ben Nicholls, the CEO, dropped us a note saying the agency is having a company-wide day off to celebrate Leap Year Day this week – giving its staff a well-deserved break. Ben will be going for a surf!

Ben told PAN: “This Thursday is not just any other day; it marks the rare occurrence of February 29th, a leap year day that comes only once every four years. We could have capitalised on this extra day for more work, but life is too short for that. Instead, we want our staff at Jam Press and JamPrime to enjoy this bonus day in any way they choose. We see this as a small gesture of appreciation for the hard work, commitment, and resilience each team member has shown”.

The decision to offer a day off is seen as a testament to the company’s philosophy that while work is a significant part of our lives, it’s essential to strike a balance and make time for personal rejuvenation and joy. Employees are encouraged to spend their day off indulging in their favourite activities, whether it’s a leisurely stroll in the park, getting lost in a good book, catching up with friends over coffee, tackling that pile of laundry, or simply lounging at home enjoying some well-deserved rest. Jam Press hopes that this day off not only brings happiness and a fresh burst of energy to its employees but also sets a precedent for prioritising mental health and well-being in the workplace.

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