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PAN Q&A: Paparazzo Clint Brewer

Over the last couple of months PAN has spotted consistently great photo usage dominating the celebrity sighting pages of major websites and magazines all credited to one photographer Clint Brewer via his chosen photo agency Backgrid.
We wanted to know what makes him tick …so we investigated and managed to get Clint on the phone for a very pleasant 30 minutes.

As the celebrity sighting business has taken a real hit due to decreasing usage fees, Covid lock-downs and celebrities uploading personal-life images to their instagram feeds the art of landing anything near the wage expected a few years ago is taking some serious knowledge. Clint Brewer has plenty of this, 20+ years in the business, and he’s just getting sharper.

Here’s a quick Q&A we sent him after our call:

PAN: Where are you based?
Clint: I’m based in Los Angeles.

PAN: How long have you been in the U.S.?
Clint: U.S. since 2005 and still have a British passport but I became a US citizen 2014.

PAN: How did you get into Pap?
Clint: I worked at a local newspaper “Herts and Essex Observer” back in the UK and just started getting a bit bored with the same cheque presentation every week, so I looked around and sent my CV to a number of places and Big Pictures responded and that’s how it all started.

PAN: Which photo agencies have you worked for?
Clint: Big Pictures, Splash, Partner at FinalPixx, BackGrid.

PAN: Which agency syndicates your images now?
Clint: BackGrid.

PAN: Do you work alone?
Clint: I mostly work with one other guy who I’ve know for almost 20 years, we moved to Los Angeles at the same time and started FinalPixx together.

PAN: Whats in the camera bag?
Clint: What’s not in my bag, Its more like a camera shop on wheels, everything from short lens all the way up to 800mm.

PAN: Show us three of your most recent top sellers?
Clint: Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde first photos together. Jan 2nd 2021 – image below.
Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson first photos together as a new couple – image below.
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton first wedding ring photos – images below.

Top seller: Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde first photos together. Jan 2nd 2021 ©Clint Brewer
Top seller: 11/20/21 Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson first photos together as a new couple ©Clint Brewer
Top seller: 6/14/21 – Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton first wedding ring photos @Clint Brewer
Top seller: The wedding ring close up @Clint Brewer

PAN: Which is your best shot ever – and why?
Clint:  Hard to say, what you think is the best shot can always be outdone, but last year was without a doubt Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde first photos together, they did not get photographed together for about 8 months after that which made my photos more valuable.

PAN: Favourite place to shoot?
Clint: Far away from any competition, but I always like shooting beach sets and breaking news.

PAN: Least favourite? And why.
Clint: Beverly Hills, too many photographers.

PAN: Dream shot?
Clint: Something that no-one can imagine happening and I’m in the perfect position with perfect light and all the stars lineup, the dream shot changes from day to day.

PAN: What are you doing when you are not thinking about the job?
Clint: Daddy duties.

PAN: Pub or cinema or a good book?
Clint: Pubs are crap in the US so I would say cinema.

PAN: Netflix or Spotify?
Clint: Netflix. 

PAN: Coffee shop or gym?
Clint: Jujitsu gym.

That’s all for now folks – look out for another Clint Brewer credited photo on a celebrity website near you soon! …or keep up to date on his Instagram feed.

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