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Paula Yates shoot: Photographer – ‘Do I take the job? Of course!’

It was a great shoot, creative and enjoyable. ©Sheila Burnett/ArenaPAL

PAN spotted this great shoot story by music and arts photo library ArenaPal with one of their represented photographers – Sheila Burnett – which we are able to re run for you here:

Sheila Burnett on photographing 80’s rock presenter Paula Yates:

It’s 1982, I’m a freelance photographer but still with my day job as lunchtime cook at the local pub. A friend and budding actress takes round my portfolio in exchange for a photoshoot. I get a call – Would I take photos of Paula Yates, a ballsy cheeky naughty glamorous rock chick who needs publicity shots for the launch of her album ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’?

Am I nervous? Yes. Do I take the job? Of course!

©Sheila Burnett/ArenaPAL

Paula arrives looking absolutely stunning in a bright pink cocktail dress, stilettos, skinny as whippet with tattoo & 50’s punky hair style. She is also carrying wellington boots. Clearly up for anything, she was super confident, really went for it and the camera loved her.

I can’t remember discussing what we were going to do, we/she just did it, she even suggested putting cat food in her wellington boots to see if my cat Smike would engage in a good shot. Later we went outside where she balanced on railings in her high heels. Again, no idea why, it just happened. Paula was a punk princess, who did whatever she felt like. It was a great shoot, creative and enjoyable.

The difficult bit was later when I had to invoice and had no idea what to charge. In the end I opted for £100 which I thought was quite a lot but heard later the agency was surprised it was so cheap!

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