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Meet the photo agency owners – on location

In this feature PAN asked up some of our photo agency owner readers to rifle through the archives for images of them shooting on location – here’s the first few dropping in – enjoy!

©Kim George

Shot in 2019 by StormStock’s Kim George featuring the library owner Martin Lisius : -“Prairie Pictures’ producer and cinematographer Martin Lisius enjoys some relaxation time as he films a tornado near Forgan, Oklahoma. “What stresses me is when tornadoes DON’T develop,” he said. “Once they are on the ground, I am suddenly calm and perfectly at peace.” He and producer Kim George waited patiently for this storm to develop in the Texas Panhandle. The inversion “cap” finally eroded around 6:30 pm allowing a supercell to form. A supercell is a powerful type of thunderstorm with a rotating updraft. The team tracked it into Oklahoma and then into Kansas where it produced multiple tornadoes after dark. You can preview this and other twisters now on the StormStock tornado footage page

Sami Sarkis Setting up Inspire ©HosiHo

Above – HosiHo aerial stock photo agency boss Sami Sarkis setting up and flying the Inspire 2 drone for a shooting of cruise boats at Marseille’s harbour, France.

James and Alex Taylor on location – 29.07.06 -the photo caption on this reads: ‘A VERY HAPPY LOOKING PAMELA ANDERSON SEEN RELAXING ON A YACHT IN ST TROPEZ’ ! © TAYLORS/XPOSURE
Photographer David LaChapelle (L) joins Pamela, Alex and James Taylor in this shot © TAYLORS/XPOSURE

August 2006: Twin brothers James and Alex Taylor of Xposure photo agency – now Backgrid – were on location in France hoping to grab photos of actress Pamela Anderson’s marriage to Kid Rock when Pam spotted them and invited them to join her on her boat …on the day of the wedding!
…and the photos of the wedding hit every front page the next day.

Arctic Photographer, Bryan Alexander, shows the photos he has just taken to Ksusha, a Komy girl, in the Yamal, Western Siberia, Russia ©Arcticphoto

Bryan & Cherry Alexander, the owners of Arcticphoto have been photographing in the Arctic since 1971. The core of their collection is its coverage of the Arctic’s indigenous peoples from right around the circumpolar north. This photo was taken in February 2013 when Bryan was covering life at a Komi reindeer herding family’s winter forest camp in Northwest Siberia. In the image, Bryan is showing the photos he has just taken to Ksusha, a 4 year old Komi girl and one of the children of the family that Bryan was staying with.

Photographer John Walmsley (above on location in 1971) “I’ve always been interested in education and how people of all ages learn.  Regular schools are not the best for some people.  I’d heard about the Liverpool Free School, founded and run by two teachers who borrowed and begged a building, some basic equipment and, in discussion with the kids, found interesting things for them to do and places to visit.  In 2017 the photos were exhibited at the Bluecoat in Liverpool.  I asked the one founding teacher who was still in the country to travel back to the city and asked the Liverpool Echo to run a piece on it so the ‘Kids’ would know.  It was the first time they’d met up for decades.  A set of the photos has just gone to the Community History Department at the Museum of Liverpool.”

“I’ll be giving a talk about my work for the RPS in April 2021.  Its free and anyone can book a place, not just members of the RPS.”

Above – Trevor Adams of Matrix Media Ltd ” I was shooting some promo pictures with Kara Tointon in Tarifa, Spain in the summer of 2010.
I have to say, she’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.”

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