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Photo Industry People: Dani Hart is Picture Editor – Harvey Nichols

Picture Editor Dain Hart

PAN reader Dani Hart is picking up the Picture Editor baton at top London store Harvey Nichols for a two month contract overseeing a website transition which will involve production and commissioning.

Dani, who has been a freelance Photo Editor and Picture Researcher for twenty years, told PAN a little about working in the industry today: I have been a Photo Editor and Picture Researcher for 20 years and have background experience with LifeStyle, Fashion and shoot production as well as News and Features.

Our industry has changed a lot over the years and especially after Covid-19, as so many magazines are no longer circulating. Digital Media has replaced so much of the printing world that we knew, and it is necessary to keep up to date with those changes over the past years. So the jobs now are mainly focused on Digital Production and Marketing, with fewer printing vacancies.

Last Summer I mainly worked on Digital Media contracts for the following clients: BBC, Reuters and now Harvey Nichols. 

For those that are a bit worried about the jump from print to digital, my advice is to brush up on Photoshop skills and the use of image manipulation, file sizes and always maintain good communication. Teamwork is essential as you are mainly working from home these days.

Your wealth of knowledge and transferable skills are vital in our forever evolving profession.

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