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Photo project launched: ‘Hate Hurts’ Cinzia D’Ambrosi exposes violence towards refugees and asylum seekers

above: “They come on you when you are sleeping. One friend of mine he was sleeping and the dogs came on him and bit his hands and face. I have the picture of my friend. You can see his face. (he has asked permission from his friend to show me the photograph).”

Photographer and PAN reader Cinzia D’Ambrosi is seeking funding for her latest humanitarian photo project Hate Hurts a documentary photographic project that exposes violence towards refugees and asylum seekers and the factors that contribute to its use.

The purpose of the Hate Hurts project is to bring a wider perspective to the issue of violence against refugees and asylum-seekers. This violence must stop. It is an intolerable injustice that needs to be told; the human suffering recorded and challenged. A crowdfunding campaign is launched on KickStarter to help photojournalist Cinzia D’Ambrosi continue with this important investigation on violence and to present the Hate Hurts project in a touring exhibition starting in Hungary next June. The exhibition will have on one side the stories of refugees and asylum-seekers, the victims of violence, and on the other, the stories of those that directly or indirectly are inflicting the violence upon them. The exhibition will help generate reflection and awareness and a deep understanding of the various layers surrounding migration and that violence is not the answer.

They sprayed us- the Hungarian police- It was gas. I thought I was dying. I couldn’t breathe.” N

PAN will be tracking Cintzia’s progress on this photo project once the funding has been reached.


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