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Photo Researcher Resource: New photo library – Villon Films – Peter Davis documentary stills and footage

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A new photo library featuring the vast stills and footage archive of Vancouver-based filmmaker Peter Davis and Villon Films has been in soft-launch over the last few weeks.

• Peter Davis has been producing and distributing award-winning socio-political documentary films and photography independently since 1962.

PAN reader Alex Wilson who is working alongside 89 year old Peter to bring the archive to life online told us: “The new website brings together the vast stills and footage archive which Peter and Villon have collected since the late 1950s. Alongside over 400 films (all of which have video clips to stream) there is, for the first time, Villon’s huge collection of stills photography from across the globe, captured over many decades. There are currently over 4000 images with many more to add. Stills to be added include collections from 1980s Nigeria, 1970s Zimbabwe/Rhodesia Civil War, Spanish Civil War (30s), Borscht Belt New York, stills from across the 20th Century, and 200 images related to a documentary made about William Shatner in the 90s.”

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