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Industry football match report: Getty Images and Friends v’s The Rest of the World – see the action!

It’s all action and full concentration – Left in black Jon Beretta (Raw Images) right in red with the ball is Anthony Harvey (Shutterstock). Photo ©Zak Hussein
The lunge by James Whatling (Mega). Photo ©Zak Hussein
The block! Scott Garfitt of AP tries to stop a Jon Beretta of Raw Images cross. Photo ©Zak Hussein
It’s anyone’s ball! Photo ©Zak Hussein
The goalie has this one! – Mark Case is the GK in blue for Getty (thats not Ash) and in red is Christian Barrett (Shutterstock). Photo ©Zak Hussein
In-match action – EMPICS Doug Peters goes for the header. Photo ©Zak Hussein

It’s a shot from Mega Agency’s Simon Hammond ….and a GOAL! Photo ©Zak Hussein
‘After 90 gruelling minutes the ROTW team came out on top winning 7-4 after trailing at half time 3-2!’
All match photos ©Zak Hussein – Thanks !

The annual Getty Images & Friends vs The Rest of the World (photographers/photo editors) football match took place last Friday – 21 July.

First played in 2014 and now in its 7th year (2 missed Covid years) the match took place at Coram Fields near Russell Square, London.
Congratulations the ROTW team who won the match 7-4 after trailing at half time 3-2 in what was, as one player told PAN, “a 90 gruelling minutes”

Represented on the pitch were photographers/editors from 8 different photo agencies including AP, PA, Getty, Shutterstock, EMPICS, Snappers, The Mega Agency, Goff Photos and UK Press. They were joined by some old friends no longer in the business but always welcome for the annual game.

Goalscorer’s for the ROTW were Christian Barrett (Shutterstock), Anthony Harvey (Shutterstock), Simon Hammond (The Mega Agency) all netting 2 each and Doug Peters (EMPICS) with 1. For Getty Images one a piece for Neil Mockford, Karwai Tang, Joe Maher and Shane Anthony Sinclair.

A special mention has to go to arguably the man of the match Ash ‘The Cat’ Knotek goalkeeper for the ROTW team who made a string of point blank saves to keep the Getty team at bay. Special thanks goes to Neil Mockford (Getty Images) for organising the event and freelance photographer Zak Hussein for being the official photographer for the event.

Thanks to Simon Hammond at the The Mega Agency for additional reporting.

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