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Photos: PAN out and about in the industry – The Motorsport Images photo archive tour

All photos ©

James Claydon (above), newly appointed MD of LAT owner Motorsport Images gave me a tour of the West London home of their famous and carefully curated motorsport photography collection.

James: ‘I spot something new every time I pass this photo’

….then Motorsport Images Archive Manager Kevin Wood (below) gave me the real tour ..of the images. Thanks so much for your time and brilliant photo knowledge ! …I could have stayed another couple of hours to be honest! Thanks all.

Exploring the photo files with Motorsport Images Archive Manager Kevin Wood

The LAT Archive is the largest collection within Motorsport Images. With over 10 million negatives, transparencies and prints dating from 1895 to 2006 and many millions of digital images taken since, it tells the whole story of motoring and motorsport. And with a team of photographers at every Formula 1 and Formula E race, as well as photographers providing coverage from around the world, that story is continually being brought up to date.

A new edit and scan programme is in place at the archive above and below photos


Motorsport Images Digitiser Craig Woollard preparing a negative

Edit, Select, Upload

Motor car v’s Stagecoach ….love an original press print!

All photos ©

yup, thats 1925!

The LAT name (standing for London Art Technical) comes from the original photographic arm of Teesdale which published Motor Sport magazine and Motoring News. This archive was later merged with the photographic archives of Autosport, Autocar and The Motor. Smaller archives were also acquired to enhance coverage of 1930s and US motor racing, from photographers such as Robert Fellowes, Bill Murenbeeld and David Hutson.

Yes …yards and yards of glass plate…look how well organised this is!


The really early glass plate negs are at the top …in their original boxes.

And finally Tim Wright, Production Manager at Motorsport Images showed off a few MSI photo prints.

Hey James, thanks again for the book…even the Postman struggled with this!

Rainer Schlegelmilch is one of Formula 1’s most famous photographers. He attended his first motor race in 1962, shooting the Nürburgring 1000 Kilometers, and his first Formula 1 race, the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps, later the same year. He became known for pioneering a more impressionistic style than most of his contemporaries, using slow shutter speeds and ‘pull-zoom’ techniques to artistic effect. Schlegelmilch’s ‘out of one hand’ archive features over half a million negatives, transparencies, prints and digital photos from 1962 to 2017.

Thanks to the Motorsport Images archive team for an interesting couple of hours!
Kevin Wood, Archive Manager
 Tim Wright, Production Manager
Kathy Ager, Picture Researcher
Emma Champion, Digital Technician
Craig Woollard, Digitiser
Catherine Benham, Digitiser
Richard Byles, Digitiser

The team are happy to tour any picture editors or picture researchers, just email me to arrange your visit [email protected] …I could do with another look already!

All photos ©

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