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Press Photo History project – Latest photo agency stamp finds uploading

Barratt’s Photo Press LTD 1951

From a very arty looking Barratt’s stamp from the 1950’s to an early (1928) Barratt’s Photo Press stamp below to a new name on our lists City Press Photographic Agency my Press Photo History project has uploaded some new finds on it’s journey to record the photo agencies and press photographers of (and around ) Fleet Street London.

If you can help identify a stamps date or have any stamps I’d like to see them ….




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  • I worked briefly as a stringer with Barratt’s Photo-Press in 1971 when they were in Red Lion Court. I’d shown my portfolio to Maurice Hibberd, who was Editor at the time. Alongside me there were three staff photographers all in their early 20s. We wore suits, shirts and ties. One of my tasks was going round the Fleet Street picture desks with the day’s print production .As I recall, there was a looming court case concerning the Agency’s attempts to get a ‘pick-up’ photo of train robber John McVicar which they’d promised to a German magazine. I don’t know how that turned out.

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