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Read: ‘several interesting changes in pictorial journalism’ …1933

Spotted this small mention to the photo press in the 1933 edition of Fleet Publication’s The Fleet Street Annual:

‘Changes in Pictorial Journalism’
‘Within the last year or two there have been several interesting changes in pictorial journalism. The Sunday Pictorial, the Sunday Graphic, the Daily Mirror and the Daily Sketch have all strengthened their make-up. The Daily Mirror  – which incidentally will be thirty years old this year – is conducting an interesting experiment, over a quarter of the area of the front and back page now being given over to news. The idea behind this change is revealed in the posters which have proclaimed it to the public – “Pictures  – and all the news.”

‘Whether the featuring of news in this way will attract readers who primarily want news could be endlessly debated: the issue will presumably be decided by the public response within the next few months. Even without any new method of adding to their army of readers, picture papers are evidently doing very well. The production of forty-page issues of the Sunday Pictorial in the Autumn is one indication of the progress made in this field’
-Ends –

… Pictures really did make newspapers…just took a while to take off!

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