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Rebranded: Topfoto reveals a ‘reimagined brand identity’

The new-look Topfoto home page 2024

The new look logo

Image collection edits

More rebrand design layouts

The new look carries through the website

Here’s a breath of fresh air from UK based photo library Topfoto who just released a whole new look – ‘a reimagined brand identity to welcome the next chapter of this nearly 100-year young firm.’ Take a peek here!

They say: ‘The renewed visual identity brings together the impressive heritage of the archive with the modern view of the Topfoto team, drawing upon classic design influences and contemporary styling for an aesthetic which inspires curiosity and communicates depth.’

Topfoto Managing Partner, Flora Smith, told PAN: “Beyond the legal and ethical minefields, images built by generative AI do not create goosebumps.  For almost a century, Topfoto has been trusted to deliver authentic images, rich with the stories both in front of – and behind – the lens. In a world being flooded by artificially generated “news” and “historical” images, we stand by our promise to celebrate the brilliance and authenticity of photography – history – and we are building our new look to emphasise that commitment”.

Topfoto owns key photographic collections including from the glory days of news imagery on Fleet Street and owns or represents collections by some of the greatest image makers of the 20th century. Topfoto is the only official agency for the world-famous Punch magazine. …and on AI they say: ‘Since June 2023 Topfoto has had systems and policies in place to protect the archive from being contaminated by AI “photographs” of historical events. ’

The last refresh was in 2019 (below) – take a look at our report then: New site: Topfoto – world history to current affairs

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