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Relaunched: RetroFootage – 350K masterfully restored archival stock footage clips

Rick Ray, the California based filmmaker, cinematographer and stock footage shooter, has relaunched his website to include a new comprehensive online library featuring more than 350,000 masterfully restored archival stock footage clips.

Rick, best known for his 2006 award-winning documentary 10 Questions for The Dalai Lama told PAN: “For filmmakers, ordering from the National Archives has always been slow, expensive and cumbersome and their library is limited” Ray said. “We’ve not only been able to transform that arduous process, we’ve also greatly expanded our library. We have uncovered and prepared hundreds of thousands of public domain films not available in the archives — educational films, classic old movies, drive-in horror schlock and much more.”

While clips are trimmed to segments of 30 to 90 seconds, the website allows users to watch entire film segments in the order they were produced. Most of the clips are licensed for use as editorial content for documentary projects but many are also available for commercials and feature films.

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