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RIP Sports Photographer Gerry Cranham 1929-2023

04 January 1964 London, FA Cup 3rd round, Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea, Tottenham goalkeeper John Hollowbread jumps to keep warm on a foggy afternoon at White Hart Lane. Photo by Gerry Cranham/Offside
September 1976 – Sports photographer Gerry Cranham. Photo supplied ©Offside
22 October 1975 – UEFA Cup – Athlone v AC Milan – The AC Milan team struggle across the mud in their flares – Photo: Gerry Cranham/Offside.

PAN is sad to report the passing of sports photography’s most pioneering photographers Gerry Cranham at the age of 94. Gerry’s images covering the Olympics, football, boxing and motor racing through the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s graced the pages of newspapers and magazines daily – his images are a record of not just a sporting moment but the atmosphere, energy and passion around that sporting moment. In just one photograph a newspaper picture desk could show readers the whole event!

Gerry’s photographic collection (except his horse racing photos) has been represented by photo agency Offside since the owner Mark Leech acquired it directly from Gerry in 2007. Mark, who has been in constant contact with Gerry and his family over the years since the purchase, sent PAN the shot above when we asked him for a Gerry-image to sum up a wet Saturday like today together with a portrait of Gerry. Mark said, when PAN asked him for a portrait of Gerry, “It has to be the shot of Gerry wearing his cravat!”

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