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Runway teams with Getty Images to build enterprise ready AI video tools

AI systems builder, Runway, has this week announced they are to partner with Getty Images to launch a new video model for enterprise customers to address their ever-growing need for high-quality, customised content.

PAN note – About Runway: ‘We are building artificial intelligence systems to usher in a new era for creativity where the best stories are yet to be told.’

The new model will combine the Runway knowledge with Getty Images creative content library, providing a new way to bring ideas and stories to life through video in enterprise ready and safe ways.
PAN asked Getty Images about the details of this deal – here’s what their Chief Product Officer Grant Farhall told us: “With our generative AI image creation tool we proved it’s possible to create high quality, effective AI generative models from a permissioned set of content and data. Our partnership with Runway is another example of this, utilising our premium creative imagery and video to build a commercially safe text-to-video generation capabilities.”

Runway say: ‘This new Runway – Getty Images Model (RGM) will provide a baseline model upon which companies can build their own custom models for the generation of video content. Runway enterprise customers will be able to fine-tune RGM using their own proprietary datasets. This enables companies in all fields — Hollywood studios, advertising, media, broadcasting, and more — to enhance their creative capabilities and provide new channels for video creation by powering entirely new content workflows and making it easy to craft delightful experiences tailored to enterprises’ styles and brand identities and to their unique audiences.’

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