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New site: Shutterstock launches deeper learning AI-search

Shutterstock just announced a new suite of AI-powered search tools …on their new experimentation site “Showcase” they are showing off a suite of deep learning powered search tools including:

  • Reveal [GIF below] – a Google Chrome extension leveraging a deep learning algorithm that allows users to select any image online and find a similar photo, vector or illustration within Shutterstock’s collection of more than 190 million licensable and ready to use high-quality images.
  • Copy Space – a tool based on Shutterstock’s custom built computer vision technology enabling users to specifically search for images that have space for text and then select where and how much copy space is needed.
  • Refine – a tool that allows users, from the first page of search results, to select those images most similar to what they are looking for, and Shutterstock’s technology will surface other images that have a similar style and other commonalities to the selected images.

Jon Oringer at Shutterstock said on the launch:  “We continue to invest in building an innovative platform for our users around the world and investing in computer vision research and deep learning to improve the customer experience. It’s exciting to be able to share the results of some of the AI technology we have been working on.”

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