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Splash News founder launches new venture ‘Click My Closet’

Gary Morgan, a founder of celebrity photo agency Splash sold in 2011, is back in the media arena with a brand new project called Click My Closet.

PAN spoke with Gary this week in his new LA office – we’ll have more on the project soon, here’s what you need to know now:

Click My Closet gives viewers a peek into stars’ homes and their personal closets, as celebs work with their trusted stylists to create looks for upcoming occasions. Uniquely combining entertainment and fashion content with clickable shopping, viewers can save, share and shop looks from the show. Episodes are roughly five minutes in length and feature actresses Ashley Greene and Jaime King, model Petra Nemcova and Cheryl Burke discussing their fashion needs with their long-time stylist friends, who come through with wardrobes wins. New episodes will be released through November and will integrate brand partners from fashion and retail to general market.

“This is the first time that shopping technology, mobile video, and the ability to save and share items from a virtual closet have all been married together in one ecosystem, while also giving a glimpse into the celebrity-stylist relationship,” said Gary Morgan, Co-Founder of “Click My Closet” and Clickable Media Group executive. “As the founder of Splash News, the leading photo and video agency serving the entertainment industry, we recognised that the most searched item for celebrity images was what they were wearing. This was the inspiration for ‘Click My Closet,’ which gives consumers the ability to know exactly what a celebrity is wearing and shop that same look with one click.”
“When I was presented with the opportunity to participate in ‘Click My Closet,’ I was immediately intrigued,” said actress Ashley Greene.  “In addition to the clever concept, I loved that my publicity agency had the foresight to enhance their role as storytellers by creating the type of short-form content that they know resonates with fans, while simultaneously building my brand in the fashion space. It’s a natural evolution and I’m excited to be on the ground floor.”

• Click My Closet will target millennial women age 18 to 35 and offers consumers a new and unique way to interact with celebrity fashion, engage with mobile entertainment content, and have access to personal styling, all through one digital platform.
• Clickable Media Group was established by Rogers & Cowan and the Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG), Gary Morgan and Greenberg Media Company in 2018 to develop custom media properties for the digital-first, socially-driven marketplace.



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