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Stocksy profit-shares $500K + with contributors

Mike Cook – the boss at photo library Stocksy has announced a patronage payout $500,000 of the years profits will be paid out to contributing members.

• Members are co-owners and can participate in the direction of the company.

‘We’re very excited to share some news with our members, clients, and extended community. As many of you know, in the event of a year-end surplus, Stocksy’s Board may allocate a portion of our profits in the form of patronage returns to our eligible members. Today we proudly announce that we will be paying out the largest patronage allocation in Stocksy history – $568,000 USD.’

‘This achievement really belongs to our members. They are the creators that lead with the integrity and commitment that has made the Stocksy collection the success that it is. Through a challenging time of change and uncertainty, Stocksy’s global network of Photographers, Filmmakers, and Illustrators put in the work to keep building our collection with thoughtful, innovative, and progressive content that the world needed. Our members are the people who fearlessly drive culture forward and we are elated to see them rewarded for it. Their commitment to our content policy and countless hours of hard work are what have made this possible….’

…’Finally, this year’s successful patronage payout is a confirmation that the co-op business model is not only possible but is also both profitable and sustainable. There is a better way to do business — a way where artists are valued for their integrity and perspectives and where that value is reflected in agency, governance, and fair pay.’

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