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Talk: Photojournalism Hub – in conversation with VX Pictures agency

About this Event

Responding to questions on the increasing need to find new ways to sustain oneself in the face of current challenges such as the fight for press freedom, commercialisation of editorial images and staying safe, the Photojournalism Hub aims to provide a platform in which photojournalists meet to find relevant answers, advice and learning.

Photojournalism Hub is pleased to welcome Vudi Xhymshiti, a documentary photographer and journalist. Over the course of his career, he’s been focusing on the politics of race, gender, identity, migration and conflict. Xhymshiti is also the founder of the VX Pictures. He aims to counter the existing trend in the photography business of mass-produced commercial images rather than thought out the high quality of single editorial photography. VX Pictures stands for prioritising the photographers by inviting them to be part of the agency in a collective manner.

Join us with Vudi Xhymshiti, to find out what to look for when signing up for an agency and the challenges we face to make a living as a photojournalist in an over-commercialised use of images. Vudi will also talk about VX Media Education programs, a branch of VX Pictures and the educational support that provides, including an on-field mentorship programme for photojournalists as well as his upcoming conflict reporting course. HERE.

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