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The Cinema Museum fundraiser on the way to £60K target

In London, The Cinema Museum – which used to be part of the The Ronald Grant Archive not seeing the library site anymore!? – is seeking for cash for survival.

PAN received this email:

Hello. I hope you are well wherever you are. 
I hope you don’t mind me writing to you like this – it seems rude in a time when everyone is suffering. 
But pretty much all the COVID-emergency funding to support closed arts organisations has been distributed and The Cinema Museum didn’t qualify to apply for any of it – there was always just one box we couldn’t tick. So I need to raise the money to look after a G2 listed building and pay all the bills with no income streams for a year and no gov funding. 
So, I’ve set up a Crowdfunder site to raise £60,000 and I have raised over £45,000 from over 1000 people so far  – which is great, but donations haver trailed off a bit and I need a new big push to help me get to the finish line (which is next week). Please consider donating and please ask consider sharing the link and encouraging others to donate – preferably both!  But please understand that just £1 is just fine. Here is the link:

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