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The Mega Agency adds E.L. Woody iconic entertainment video archives

If anything happened on a wild night in LA then Woody and his team were more often than not around to capture the action

The Mega Agency is now representing the E.L. Woody collection one of the world’s largest and most iconic entertainment video archives with 45,000 videos and 100,000 images. The collection will be added to The Mega Cloud which aims to offer 200million pieces of content to customers by 2020.
Woody’s archive documenting the thrills and spills of the Hollywood scene was shot between 1989 and 2010 and became part of the popular hit series ‘Celebrities Uncensored’ featured on the E1 network.

The Mega Agency told PAN this morning: “This archive features incredible footage of A-list celebrities in their early years  – whether it be a young Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian trying to get in a nightclub or Brad Pitt stepping out with various girlfriends. E.L Woody’s content often set the agenda for the stories leading the following day’s US entertainment shows and the archive is an Aladdin’s Cave of rich, differentiated content.
Much of the footage was captured at a time before digital cameras transformed the media landscape and as such features extremely rare clips of some of the world’s most famous people on their rise to stardom.
This incredible video collection is truly unique and will be a valuable asset for all companies seeking to create compelling biographies on Hollywood stars.
Compelling video is highly sought after in today’s media environment and Mega intends to lead the way in providing unique and exclusive motion footage to its customers as well as working directly with publishers and other companies to test and explore exciting new ad-tech opportunities.”

On Woody: Woody became a well- known fixture on the Hollywood celebrity circuit during three decades of interacting with the stars through his lens and his content was featured by media around the world.
After years on the Hollywood beat he developed close personal relationships with stars and was even featured in two episodes of the hit TV series ‘Entourage’.

Born in Orange, Texas, he fought in Vietnam with US Army Special Forces before starting a career in photography for motorcycle magazines upon his return from the war.His first celebrity images were taken when he began taking shots of customers at a bar in Malibu, California where he worked as a doorman.
Together with his business partner and first shooter, J.D. Ligier, they formed the company Paparazzi TV Inc. and later added Steve Brodersen and Henry Trappler to the editorial team.
Mr Woody died in 2017 aged 70.

Request a view of the E.L. Woody content at The Mega Agency

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