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Underground Vaults & Storage Acquires R3store Studios + licensing branch R3el

R3store Studios and their licensing branch R3el in the UK has been acquired by US secure storage solutions company Underground Vaults & Storage.

This acquisition expands the offerings of UV&S to include digital services, supporting one of its largest client industries, film and entertainment. R3store Studios has expertise in tape digitisation, film scanning, grading, restoration, and preservation, offering comprehensive services to safeguard and revive cinematic treasures. The restoration process includes innovative technology and meticulous craftsmanship, along with traditional techniques to achieve optimal results.

• R3el is the footage licensing branch of R3store Studios and boasts an extensive library of digitised and restored stock footage, making them available to film makers and commercial enterprises through its website.

Jo Griffin, co‐founder of R3store, will lead the division as Digital & Restoration Director and a team of award‐winning industry professionals will continue with the company. Jo told PAN, “I cannot wait for R3store’s next steps alongside UV&S. The prospect of coordinating our resources, expertise and talents ignites a sense of anticipation for the innovative strides and standards of excellence we can collectively set within the industry.”

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