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‘Unsplash for Brands’ – A new model for imagery and brand building

This has been brewing for a while and now, the plan is simple, and it’s going to be effective.

…We started the Unsplash library by sharing our own photos, making them available for anyone to use. Shortly after, we were joined by other creators who also wanted to share their images with the same goal.

…..Today we’re sharing publicly what we’ve been building towards since beginning Unsplash….

Introducing Unsplash for Brands

Over the past few months, we’ve been working with a selection of companies to do just that. Our first partners include GoogleHarley-DavidsonSquareBoxed WaterLe Creuset, and Timberland.

Full circle

Each of these campaigns not only pay to distribute their images on Unsplash, but they also hire Unsplash contributors to create the authentic, high-quality imagery needed for their campaigns.

For contributors that want the opportunity to make money, a single campaign can generate more money per photographer than a decade’s worth of stock licensing payments.

Unsplash Cofounder tells you how here

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