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Watch: Improving the look of lightning caught on video – Stock video agency

Over the years Texas based weather stock video agency StormStock has had to innovative in the way they capture lightning on film.

“One of our biggest challenges has been to record lightning the way our eyes see it in nature,” cinematographer and founder Martin Lisius told PAN “To that end, we’ve experimented and established methods to make that possible.”
One of the issues common with lightning captured on video is what Lisius calls, “flash banding,” unsightly horizontal bands that appear in the frame the instant a lightning strike appears. Lisius has noted a difference in the way lightning looks from storm to storm and makes adjustments to his cameras to synchronize with those characteristics. “Basically, I make the camera see what we see,” Lisius said. “The result is beautiful, life-like lightning shots our clients can utilize in their productions.”

View the lighting screener below and download preview clips at StormStock’s Lightning Footage

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