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Webinar: Understanding Footage – Ben Jones & BAPLA

Click to read our 2013 Q&A with Ben on our site

This webinar on the ins and outs of handling and licensing footage, organised by BAPLA and hosted by the very experienced Ben Jones Head of Motion at Science Photo Library, should be a good watch for any photo desks and researchers wanting to get grip with unfamiliar terminology and differences in footage and stills licensing.

The Understanding Footage webinar will cover topics like:
• Terminology: formats, resolution, and distribution types (e.g., OTT).
• Footage trends: content, technology, and usages (e.g., sizzle reels).
• Differences / similarities to stills research and licensing: metadata, software tools.
• Standard types of requests: amount and types of footage, including subject types.
• Risks, rights protection and clearance: complexity in clearing rights.

24 March 2021 – Free to BAPLA members – Freelancers £10 Here

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