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Website update: Grosby Group – provides full access and new image subjects

New searchable website
New: Menus all shot at the Grosby studios

Celebrity photo agency Grosby Group which is based in Los Angeles and caters the Hispanic USA and Latinamerican market has opened their photo archives and widened their image offering to include ready-made food and menu photo features.

Traditionally the site access was for registered clients only but now you can view the full image offering – PAN zoomed with Grosby’s ‘head of everything’ Rafa Lanus who told us: “We have freed up our website for general search and view and have had great success supplying some of our traditional media clients with food features after speaking with them and running a few trials. In our studios we now produce video recipes for social media in 9;16. 16:9, step by step, and written recipes.”

New – The Editorial Calendar

Another in-site feature added recently is an editorial calendar to help you plan ahead and get a feel of the depth of the Grosby archive – above – click it to view it.

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