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‘Why I will be visiting fotofringe London’ – Alyson Whalley freelance picture researcher

Leading up to this years fotofringe London – April 20 – we are asking photo professionals what triggers the yearly trip to Kings Place.
Alyson Whalley is a freelance Picture Researcher based in London:

Why will you are visiting fotofringe London 2016?
To meet the photo agency staff, its always nice to put a face to the voice.

How many time have you been to fotofringe?
This is my third visit.

Looking for any specific image subjects at this years event?
Nothing specific.. I visit fotofringe to see what images the new exhibiting photo agencies have and to talk with photo agencies I already use to learn about any new photo collections they are representing.

Any tips for photo researchers visiting the event for the first time?
Its worth visiting and speaking with agencies you think you already know as you may not be aware of the whole range of their collections /specialities

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2016 exhibitors so far include:
123RF; 4Corners Images; Action Library; Advertising Archives, akg-images, Alamy, Arcaid Images, Arcticphoto, Ardea, Arenapal, Art Archive/Kobal, Art Image, Ashmolean Museum, August USA, AWL Images, Bridgeman, British Museum, Caia Images, Camera Press, Capture, Cartel, Cody Images, Creative Image Library, Deposit Photos, FLPA, Gallery Stock, Getty, Glasgow Life, Heritage Images, Historic Royal Palaces, Homer Sykes My British Archive, IDS, Ikon Images, Imagesource, John Birdsall Library, LAT Photographic, Lebrecht, Lee Miller Archive, Living4Media, Mary Evans Picture Library, Mirrorpix, National Archives Image Library, National Museum of Wales, National Portrait Gallery, Nature Picture Library, Newscom, News Syndication, PA Images, Photofusion Picture Library, plainpicture, PPL, Rex, Robert Harding World Imagery, Ronald Grant Archive, RMN – France, Rossiya Segodnya, Royal Armouries, Royal Museums Greenwich, Scala Archives Italy, Science & Society, Science Photo Library, Seasons, Steve Bloom Images, Shutterstock, Sonia Halliday Photographs, Stockfood, Tate,, VIEW, V&A Images, Wenn, Werner Forman Archive…. is Media Partner to fotofringe London 2016

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