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We are IMAGO. Images for news, sport & brand.

This is IMAGO.

We are passionate about getting the right visuals to news, sport & brand. We are your partner in visual inspiration.

IMAGO is the leading independent photo agency in Germany and the largest independent producer of sports content in Europe.

IMAGO is focused on both sides of the line: Getting the right images to news, sport & brand whilst also presenting visual stories that can inspire. The news & the culture & the voices that inspire brands.

News has never been created in a vacuum just as the world of sport can never “just stick to sports”

Our work is about relationships. We care deeply about the client partnerships built over close to twenty years.

We start with our people and our knowledge and the close relationships built with over 1500 photographers and 500 partner agencies worldwide. A deep global content community.



Content & Photographer Relations: E-Mail: Phone: +49 (0) 30 773 7897 21

Sales: E-Mail: Phone: +49 (0) 30 911 4935 19


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