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COVID 19: ABACAPRESS – How’s the photo agency doing now?

Almost six months on we have been back to the photo agencies who participated in our COVID-19: How’s the photo agency doing? feature to ask How are they doing NOW?

Jean-Michel at ABACAPRESS:

Hello Will,
You ask me how is ABACAPRESS. We are doing well producing with our teams editorial photographic content with 40 freelance photographers dispatched around the world and covering multiple stories. As I said, our DNA is to inform through our photographic content and it seems that publications around the world use our editorial content. We have recently been published in Stern,Le Point, Miami Herald Tribune, Le monde,Liberation,Geo, Paris Match and numerous web publications and ready to cover the presidential elections in USA, Roland Garros tennis tournament and continue to follow the Covid 19 sanitary crisis.

 It is always in difficult times that we can test our ability to remain strong and relevant in an extremely competitive and rapidly changing market. It seems that after 6 months of economic crisis due to covid 19, we have remained competitive in our market with a good production quality combined to decent revenues. Together with our German partner ddp, we have worked hard and developed joint production and sales strategies to remain attractive. we continue to maintain strong relationships with our partners abroad such as PA images, Reuters, Splash, Gtres, IPA, ANP, DPA, EFE, Belga, SIPAUSA, SWNS, Eyevine, Newslicensing, TNS etc… 

My deep thoughts are that 2021 will be the year  to develop business with the big actors of the market and why not to do aquisitions .Consolidation will be the key of the success. 

On another hand we are discussing through our union with Google about the neighboring rights and we hope to find a constructive and positive solution. 

ABACAPRESS is now 25 years old and clever enough to become leader in the French market. 

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