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COVID-19: How’s the agency doing? ABACAPRESS

Here at PAN we are in communication all week long with lots of photos agency owners both stock and editorial discussing how business is under COVID-19


Hello Will,

ABACAPRESS  is a generalist agency and our role is to continue to inform on a daily basis. Our photojournalists are still on the ground taking care  of their health and very cautious. We are on a war period fighting an invisible enemy but we are still  the witnesses of this crazy world. Nurses,doctors , journalists, farmers and many others have a fantastic role to help and inform.

Of course , as a manager, the economic situation worries me and the cash flow will be the key of the future. Nobody knows when the business will come back but we all know that it will be another story. We have to live with solidarity, and to believe of the future.

We have very good partners around the world as Press Association, EFE, DDP, DPA, ANSA, SplashNEWS, SIPAUSA, TNS, ISOPIX, BELGA, STELLA, AA,  and REUTERS CONNECT . ABACA is a group and we will face this exceptional situation and come back stronger. 

Instead of this, I got the virus and it was a fight during 2 weeks but I recover day after day , so I say to all of you,  if you are not obliged to go out, STAY AT HOME to help the NHS.

I attached a few publications we did last week ( Cover of Paris Match and double page in the Figaro Magazine).

All my best to you and your team and   “Fuck the Virus “.

Take care.

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